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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 3, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight -- hoda kotb's "today" show salary. making much less than matt? >> what you see is what you get. >> is she getting a big raise? and fixer upper baby news. >> number five. >> the hints chip and joanne ga gaines dropped to "e.t." months ago. >> she bias the pregnancy tests in 100 packs. that's true. >> i need breaking news. come on. >> our backstage exclusive. then, behind the scenes of three tv debuts. >> go. >> amazing race returns. the blackish spin-off. and 911, connie britton's new show after nashville. >> definitely different. plus, celeb besties
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unfiltered. >> we both had the same stalker. >> we've all been there, right? >> yeah. this is "entertainment tonight." the celebration over hoda kotb's historymaking promotion being part of the first female-led team at the "today" show has take an turn. many are now infuriated. >> here's why. despite the fact that she'll be doing two jobs, right? two. she'll amarntly make less than half of hat matt lauer used to take home. why would the show do that? and does hoda have plans to shake things up? we have the answers. >> are you going the make changes right now that all women anchor team, hoda? >> what you see is what you get. hey, everybody. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us. >> reporter: while hoda kotb keeps the ship on course, a startling report about her new paycheck. she'll make $18 million less tan her predecessors, matt lauer. her salary matches savannah
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guthrie at $7 million. less than a third of lauer's $25 million a year deal. an nbc source points out that lauer did work on the show for 25 years. keep in mind that in addition to the first two hours of "today," kotb will continue to host co-host the fourth hour with kat lee lee gifford. jenna bush hager filled in today. >> we're so excited. >> reporter: hoda says, i'm not making matt lauer money. not everyone close. former "today" show anchor billy bush is weighing in. he was spotted in tan that monica where his car was getting towed. >> what do you think about the wage disparity? >> i don't know anything about. i'm not in on negotiations. but i think hoed ka is the best. >> when something feels right, you just know.
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>> reporter: as for her negotiations. despite the reported disparity, there appears to have been little drama. >> it was all just, you know, the stuff that you have to do to make contracts work. but it was one of those things that it just felt natural. >> and do not forget there is to rest for hoda when she gets home. the baby girl she adopted last year, haley joy, is just under a year old. for me, the no sleep zone. speaking of pampbts not getting sleep, add chip and joanna gaines to the list. when they announced the last season of "fixer upper" there was speculation of trouble in paradise. they put that to rest. he wants to have another child. no, what, they're stopping the show because of their marriage. no, they're not. they're stopping it so they have time, private time together. >> amen. >> time? >> you cut the lights. >> stop it. >> reporter: well, they did get
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their -- time together. >> number five. >> number five. >> reporter: today, joanna posted the ultrasound session. she captioned, chip swears it's a boy. the couple is not revealing the jerpd just yet. chip is giving us tmi. >> hey, the more the merrier. >> reporter: he sweeted info pointing to the exact night of con sepgs. october 12th. after folk duo johnny swim. they put on a little too romantic of a concert. any ways, one thing led to another and we are officially pregnant. #, t #7 the pufrt number. they sat down with me to taukt season five being their last. now they're expecting baby number five. >> the number five was -- i think it's -- we have the grace to get through season five.
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it's perfect that just felt right to us. and -- >> isn't that odd. we have only got four children. yet the number five continues to resonate. >> reporter: he's determined. he's determined. >> so determined. >> reporter: yep, chip was in the mood. they said they wanted to focus on family. little did anyone know the pair had already gotten their wish. >> the likelihood of us being pregnant currently -- >> you're wearing a nice suit. >> any chances. number five. there's a chance? all right. all right. >> i swear chip was trying to tell us something. we had so much fun on and off camera. in the end, chip got his wish. >> they were good at keeping the secret from you. >> he almost slipped. almost slipped, right? >> not enough. congratulations. zblmts let's talk about the hollywood wonder women who made their way to the desert for the palm springs international film festival. they were met by our own wonder woman, mary hart.
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>> palm springs fest -- film festival. just going to do it again. can you go back. i'm sorry. i'm so nervous. >> say it again. palm springs film festival. >> palm springs film festival. when you think about it too much, it gets screwed. >> reporter: gal was still nervous in our backstage interview. this year's rising star award winner was armed with her director. they gave a huge hint to the sequel. >> i know there were a lot of questions about will lynda carter, the original wonder woman on television, make a cameo in this one? >> will she? we actually desperately tried to get her in the first one. we won't say anything yet. there's no lack of trying. >> i need breaking news. come on. >> well, you can call lynda for us. >> reporter: these ladies helped set the tone for an epic display of hollywood girl power in palm springs. on the carpet, salma hayek
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pointed out the pleats. >> hello, everybody. whoo. i'm feeling quite emotional. >> reporter: chairman's award honoree skresz ka chastain used her platform to predict major change for women in the work place. >> major change is coming. and change is good. change is needed. we are all in this together. >> reporter: she joined 300 of her hollywood colleagues for the times up coalition. she wore a lace black gown that will mirror the trend on sunday. nominee's included allison janney, who told "e.t." they plan to wear all black to protest gender inequality. >> it's been discussed. and yes, there's a plan in place. >> time's up is a call to action. i think it's -- i'm very excited to be a part of that. and i -- i'm proud. it's a proud moment.
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>> yes, it is. and keltie joins us on the update of the scandal that set the change in motion. >> "e.t." learned two sex crime cases against harvey weinstein have under review with the l.a. district attorney's office. and actress rose mcgowan just gave her first detail eed "s to "vanity fair." the title says it all, rose rage. she would only refer to him as the monster. saying he needs to be slade. >> i have been silent for 20 years. i have been slut-shamed. i have been harassed. >> reporter: the me, too, movement exploded after the new york times reported that wine stein reached settlements with eight accusers. including with mcgowan, who alleged he raped her in a hotel room in 1997. she was at the festival to
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promote her film. i've had this giant monster. he ate so many of our souls that he couldn't tell which way was which. she says the alleged assault was the b.c. and a.d. of her life. she was taken to the car by red carpet. you still have the million-yard sta stare and don't know what the blank just happened to you. mcgowan claimed weinstein hired spies to gather dirt on her. quote, he's always been gunning for me. that's okay, i've been guping for him, too. >> we are strong. we are brave. and we will fight! >> next, a new documentary series, called citizen rose. >> good for her. coming up next, j. lo and a-rod give us inspiration to keep our new year's resolution
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to get fit. with one of the most intense workouts you have ever seen. plus, you want to make fun of "bachelor" arie? he's not afraid. >>ky take it. i'm concentrating on me. >> we're sitting down with him as he fires back at all the haters.
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♪ okay, so if your new year's resolution was to get fit, like so many of us, here you go. jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez can give you a little inspiration. >> the struggle is real. the results of those two is right on. i see the abs. "bachelor" nation was less than thrilled when arie luyendyk
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was chosen. he heard all the hater out there. you ne what he says, brick it on, y'all. >> what negativity. joking. some of the the stuff is funny. the stuff i read on social media, i can take it. >> reporter: he's not laughing at a dig from jeff holm. who beat out arie for the love of emily maynard beat $5,000 that he wouldn't find a girl. >> reporter: the 36-year-old watched the premier in new york. he admits one thing caught him offguard. >> i guess how forward chelsea was. i was surprised there was so much negativity on the first impression rose. >> here's to falling in love, you guys. >> reporter: he said i love you to two women this season. he won't reveal if he's engaged.
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>> being in love is one thing. being engage sd a completely other thing. >> reporter: if a guy nicknamed the kissing bandit, he's gt a tight-lipped strategy to avoid giving spoilers. >> by not giving away information? >> reporter: his favorite answer seems to be -- >> can't answer that. can't answer that either. i can't answer that either. >> reporter: what will he reveal? his plans once the show is over. >> hide. first thing i want to do is probably do to holland and hang. >> right now, you can't hang. there are 21 women left on monday. arie will take 15 of those ladies to, to demolition derby. >> that should be fun. >> that's romantic, right? still ahead, "e.t." on the sets of three tv debuts. the 911 drama. amazing race. and the "black-ish" spin-off. and the story of how
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jennifer lawrence and emma stone first met. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ jennifer! >> friendship goals. those two right there. j. law photo bombing emma stone on the red carpet. always looking like they're having a blast. >> to be a fly on the wall. the relationship is the real deal. we got to see a glimpse of that in their exclusive interview with "w" magazine. >> i don't want this to be a metaphor of life but you're way ahead of me. >> cheers, honey. >> are we really supposed to do this? >> i think emily stone is a pretty good porn name. >> you look really -- >> you're welcome. >> you get me. >> i know. >> reporter: these ride or die besties got each other's foam
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numbers from woody harrelson and quickly discovered they had a lot in common. >> we had the same stalker. his name was john orchestra guy. he would accidentally text us. he was a guy that has a lot of people's phone number. we texted blake every day for a year. we never talked on the phone. we had never met. we were going the meet. she sends me her address. i'm like, what if this is john the orchestra guy. >> she thought when i was on my way over, what if it's john the orchestra guy. i called you, you were like, hello? i was like, hello. >> reporter: they sat down for "w" magazine's best performances portfolio issue. >> where was your first kiss? nchblgts the woods outside of a baseball game. the guy who i kissed found my turt. lois it. >> aw. oh, yeah, didn't your turtle run
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away. >> what was my first job? baby signature, i guess. >> i worked at a dog bakery when i was 15. >> they baked dogs? >> what was your favorite tlc song. >> obviously, chajason water fa. >> jason water falls? >> i thought it was go go jason waterfalls. i was like, who's jason? ♪ go go jason waterfalls >> i do that all the time. j. law revealed her favorite birthday of all time. her 25th, when her friends surprised her. with kris jenner holding the the birthday cake. >> her love for the kardashians is unmatched. i love it. i think i love this. the new fox drama "911" starring connie britton and lang bass setd. she lays down the law. you look official. >> all right. >> you were walking up the hall, i was like --
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>> made you want to behave. >> you do. >> you're going to get someone killed. >> reporter: she unleashes serious fierceness. the series explores the high-stakes do or die decisions made by emergency first responders. >> i can help you. please. no, no, no, no, no. >> reporter: "parenthood's" beefed you have peter krause and connie britton star. >> they have to be able to walk away from the job and go home. >> the next time you screw up, it will be your last. >> reporter: and can you believe angela is 59 years old? she keeps herself in remarkable shape. it was 24 years ago when she got this body to lay tina turner in "what's lo got to do with it." >> that was a crazy time. 15 or 16 hours of working out.
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training. the dancing. ♪ >> well, mm-hmm. that's not going to -- thankfully, we don't have to lift at that level, so. >> oh, the lady is way too humble. you know you look good. also premiering tonight, the "black-ish" spin-off, "grown-ish." this is art imitating life for this 17-year-old. this is yours. your own show. on "black-ish" she plays the oldest child of tracee ellis ross and anthony anderson who has a hard time. >> it hurts so bad. >> what hurts so bad, dad? >> my soul! >> my baby is off to college. i don't know what parent doesn't take it hard. >> reporter: she was going through her real-life college application process when she was offered her own spin-off. >> it was scary. i've been on this show for almost four years.
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now i'm across the lot. it feels like miles away. >> reporter: she was accepted to harvard. she's putting that on hold while on "grown-ish." >> she's never been awkward before. never the awkward one. never been thrown off her game. >> you're going to be awkward as a freshman in college. >> you're like, zoey is doing what? huh? bye, dad. three days. shell of man. >> reporter: if the premise sounds familiar, back in the '80s, the cosby show sent lisa bonet off to college for her own spin-off, "a different world." a big bad "c" plus. >> reporter: tonight, 0 years late, yara is looking to make tv history of her own. >> i'm going to have a lot of fun. >> i want to see when your kids go off the to college. that will be a show. >> i will cry like a baby. >> you night not survive. >> and "black-ish" fans, don't
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worry. she'll be on that show, too. >> can't wait to see the show. coming up, can a pair of competitive eaters devour the next on kron-4 news at eight: breaking news at 8. one person is dead after gunfire erupts outside an east bay bart station .... the role a bart police officer had in the shooting. and we are tracking rain across the bay area... as a winter storm brings much need wet long it will stick around i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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♪ it's "e.t." >> this is "e.t." >> whoa! "e.t."! this is the best time of my life. >> oh, wow. >> nobody knows hollywood like "entertainment tonight." >> would you like to see something amazing that no one's seen? >> bigger. better. and before everyone else. >> i love you. you love me. >> now "e.t." is everywhere you go. >> meghan, self-fi. okay, one, two, three. >> on instagram. twitter. and facebook. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ends with "e.t." promo considerations
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provided by -- the amazing race is back tonight on cbs. believe it or not, it's the 30th season. >> and host phil koegen told us they're still kicking it up a notch. >> go! we set out to have the most competitive teams i now at eight... breaking news
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from the east bay ... deadly gunfire outside a bart station ... two people injured ... one has died.oakland police confirm a bart officer fired his weapon ... but another gun was also recovered at the scene.whooshthe first rain of the year a welcome sight ... kron four meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking a new
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storm moving into the bay area get ready we have more rain on the waywhooshwearing a santa hat and carrying a gun ... a bizarre shooting incident in tenderloin.... and police want your help in finding the gunman.whoosh(possible bite) she lost her daughter just hours into the new year. tonight we talk to the mother of a woman killed by a hit and run driver in the east bay. (pam) breaking (pam) breaking news tonight ... out of the east bay. where one person is dead after a shooting near a bart station. thank you for joining us.. i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. the shooting happened around 4-20 this afternoon across from the west oakland bart station. that's where police say two people got in an argument that ended bart police officer also fired their gun..but we do yet


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